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Skins and hides – the key to quality leather.

Many luxury cars feature, inter alia, leather upholstery made from Schnittger hides

Our main business activity at Schnittger is the processing and distribution of skins and hides. At our  location in southern Germany, we receive high-quality raw skins and hides from selected suppliers.

The skins and hides are sorted using a range of criteria, e.g., breed, quality and weight, as agreed with the respective customer. The method of preservation is also selected according to specific customer and/or shipping requirements. Cold storage offers optimum protection as well as having minimal environmental impact. In the case of export products requiring longer preservation, skins and hides can be salt-cured.





Schnittger skins and hides are used by leading manufacturers in a range of industries:

  • Furniture upholstery
  • Automotive upholstery
  • Garment manufacture
  • Footwear (uppers and soles)
  • Gloves
  • Leather goods

Valued partner with international clientele


Schnittger is one of Germany’s leading providers of skins and hides.

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